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Custom Taxidermy

When I say "custom taxidermy," I mean it. For a large majority of the pieces I do (especially lifesize), commercial materials are only the beginning. By that, I mean I don't simply purchase a form that resembles the size and pose of your animal, then proceed with mounting it. Instead, I will start with a commercial form and then cut, shape, and re-sculpt it to exactly fit the size of the animal. Then, I position it in a way that meets your desires and really captures the true look and character that particular species possesses in the wild. That is my true passion.

A Note on

Turnaround Time

By choosing MMT, you can be assured that the utmost care and attention will be paid to your mount. Every effort is taken to ensure that you receive the highest quality taxidermy work in the shortest amount of time possible. That being said, taxidermy is indeed an art. The detailed work that goes into any mounted specimen takes time, and cannot be rushed. Though my focus is keeping turnaround time to a minimum, I also receive anywhere from 200-300 other mounts to complete each year. Added up, that is a lot of studio hours. So when you drop off your trophy to be mounted, understand that this is why it may take anywhere between 8-12 months for you to receive your mount back. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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